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BabyTrim™- Premium Baby Manicure Set

BabyTrim™- Premium Baby Manicure Set

BabyTrim™- Premium Baby Manicure Set

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Introducing the BabyTrim™ Premium Baby Manicure Set

Takes The Fear Out Of Trimming Your Little One's Nails 

Whisper Quiet Operation 

The BabyCitrus™ Premium Baby Manicure Set comes with a boasting LED Front Light and whisper-quiet motor, so you can safely trim their nails without raising an alarm.

The Most Versatile Baby Nail Trimmer On The Market

BabyTrim™ Premium Baby Manicure Set features 3 premium cloud cushioned sandpapers dedicated for the use on babies and children so they can experience the comfort of a professional manicure from home.

✅Lightweight one button premium design to make the parent's job easier from day one.

✅Multiple speed options available to enhance nail trimmings for a softer and smoother appearance

✅Safest Baby Nail Trimmer - so you can trim without the worry of hurting your little ones.


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