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4 Reasons why the SmartFeeder™ is absolutely amazing!

  • easy usability
  • helps teething babies
  • introduction to solid foods without the mess
  • easy to clean

Multiple Benefits

Our SmartFeeder™ can be filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, pieces of food, mommy's milk, and even medicine.

Doing so can reduce the uncomfortableness of teething. It massages the baby's gum which develops mouth muscles and supports a healthy teeth-development.

Very easy to use

With the SmartFeeder™, all you have to do is insert diced fruits or vegetables, close it and you're ready to go!

So easy and so many benefits for your baby.

Design with function

The SmartFeeder™ is designed in a way that allows only small parts of food to pass into the baby's mouth.

It's a great way of introducing solid foods while your baby is teething.

Its surface is designed in a way that makes it soft and chewy to make teething more comfortable.

It's a great gift for any parents or those who are becoming parents!

 *Please Understand there might be some delays due to the current pandemic*

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